Active Cybersecurity is who we are.

About Us

EMP Secure provides secure IT services and active cybersecurity, enabling our customers to operate and grow securely. Our name serves a purpose. Our own data center is protected by an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) shield. Since day one, we have taken the highest security measures to protect our customers.

We remain proven security leaders today, as we securely guide our customers through digitalization.


EMP Secure is always on the lookout for people that can help our customers grow securely by offering state of art IT services and cybersecurity.

We believe the recipe for innovation is simple, but the ingredients rare. The most important ingredient is people, and we look for those with talent, vision, and the will to follow through.
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A Part of Hatteland

Since 1971, Hatteland has made room for ideas to grow. The innovations we’ve introduced have been practical necessities – down-to-earth solutions to real problems.

The Hatteland Group consists of more than 200 people working out innovative solutions in four distinct fields of business.

Why Us?

We offer out-of-the-box solutions, but our strength is looking at your business, delving into your specific needs, identifying threats to your security, and then crafting a set of products, services and training that will most effectively suit your requirements.

Whether your organization is just starting to look to into cloud-based solutions, or you are looking for ways to take even greater advantage of what the cloud offers, EMP Secure is there to assist. From people to processes and applications to cybersecurity, EMP Secure has the skills and knowledge to make your digitalization journey a success.

At EMP Secure, we understand how technology can drive business. Through the right blend of skills combined with our expertise in Cloud Management, Workplace productivity, Security and Compliance, we can optimize solutions that meet your business requirements.

Our History

EMP Secure began as an inhouse solution at Hatteland. Increasing amounts of data and complexity gave rise to a need for cybersecurity and data storage, tailored to Hatteland’s specific challenges.

This is a company with high demands and standards concerning requirements for uptime and availability. It is our nature to look at specific challenges and work out specific solutions to meet them.

Our Values

Securely run and safeguarded data systems are a core prerequisite for entering the next digital era. We provide your business with a stable foundation for further growth.
Our philosophy. Secure growth for our customers.
Our IT operations are run from our high security data center. From here, we offer a scalable solution which adapts to your business needs. Secure operations are run through our private cloud, a public cloud, locally, or through any combination of the three.
We deliver secure services, but it’s equally important that our clients and partners feel they can trust us, and that we trust each other. We are the safe choice - not because we won’t push our clients - but because they know we are honest, upfront and open with them.
Our service must be outstanding. Our advice must be easy to understand and must help our clients and partners to use technology safely and effectively. We adapt our service to each unique client, being as closely tied to them as they prefer.
We must always keep up with the latest developments within IT and cybersecurity. Curious mindsets and a willingness to share technology and knowledge with our clients and partners is essential in helping them grow.