Safe Colocation in Norway
EMP Secure offers colocation in our own data center, Vats DC1, with redundancy solutions for power and cooling.
For our Colocation customers we can offer Smart Hands – these will ensure a carefree management of your servers. 
Dedicated servers and physical safety
Colocation is an ideal service for anyone who requires their own dedicated servers and maximal physical safety within a professional data center infrastructure.
24/7/365 monitoring
With Colocation from EMP Secure, your servers are placed safely in our data center, with 24/7 monitoring to ensure maximal uptime.
Installation, maintenance and monitoring
We can also help with installation, maintenance and monitoring of servers and applications. Our Security Operations Center is located nearby and ready to respond quickly to any potential threats.
With safety in mind
Our high focus on safety, access control and high quality represents safety for your critical server equipment. By renting a space in our data center, you can let go of costly investments in physical safety, fire extinguishing systems, emergency power solutions and much more. This service is also scalable and can be easily adapted to your needs.

The technically supreme infrastructure provides excellent uptime and the best possible prerequisites for stabile solutions.

Security Operations Center 24/7/365

Physical security

  • Access control
  • EMP Shield


In our mountain hall our power supply is supported by a redundancy solution with two separate high voltage transformers. We have 4 separate UPS-systems in a 2N+1 configuration. The power supply is secured further by two separate power aggregates.


Our data center has two separate cooling systems in a N+1 configuration. Heat exchange ensures that the heat can be reused. 

Dual Site 

For customers who require dual site we can offer Colocation just a short distance from our data center in the mountain halls.  

Rack Space
  • Single U
  • Rack by Rack
Attendant services

The data center is operated under very restrictive access where attendant services are mandatory.


The data center has separate line routes to ensure divergence on lines.

Other services

For managing customer equipment, we can offer:

  • Remote Hands – simple services for managing customer equipment
  • Smart Hands
  • 4-Eyes services

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Knowledge and Experience
EMP Secure has over 20 years’ experience in managing and operating data centers. Our personnel is highly qualified in designing and operating data centers.
A sustainable alternative
EMP Secure uses electricity with a guarantee of origin. Additionally, any heat produced by the cooling machines is recycled and reused.

We will be happy to advice you on the best colocation solution for you.

Roger Støa
Sales Executive