The Cloud3 system

Cloud3 is a 3-layer cloud management system with enhanced security. The system will make it easier for companies to understand and use cloud services in the most effective way. The system is designed for companies with ambitions for the future.
EMP Secure will provide you with a technical cloud3 crew that will design and create valuable solutions for you. The C3 Crew will transfer your programs and data to a more agile and secure place and improve business for the future. Our Safety First cyber security program will be well integrated with C3 in every step.

Improve your business

Evaluate you situation

Together with the customer we will evaluate the current situation and create understanding for IT system and server limitations. We will look at potential gains with an improved cloud strategy.

Plan your initiative

In order to take full advantage of cloud opportunities we will plan with market conditions and business expansion in mind. Migrating to the cloud might be complicated and expensive. A good plan is imperative to get full benefit from your cloud intiative.
The first step is to evaluate your current situation. Most companies and organizations realize that there are huge opportunities by moving to the cloud. A good plan is needed and an experienced team that can be in control of the challenges of migrating your data to the cloud in a secure way. Do you want to discuss further?

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