Businesses investing in cybersecurity often base their investments on technology, but don’t sufficiently attend to the human side of it — which remains the biggest cybersecurity risk for many organizations.

Employees tend to have everyday access to many of the organization’s computers, networks and systems, which means they play an important part in building resilience within the threat landscape.

Preventive work and cyber security culture

To reduce the risk of cyberthreats, we utilize tools combining technology and real-life experience to protect our customers. The insights of cyber intelligence are crucial to make sure organiztions operates with the right level of security.

Cyber intelligence and risk management

Cyber attacks are a constant threat against both private and public companies. To prevent and handle these threats, EMP Secure operates our own 24/7/365 Security Operations Center. Our SOC has dedicated and skilled personnel which monitor, handle, and stop cyber-attacks using new and modern technology.

Surveillence and security operation center (SOC)

Cyber-attacks are happening all the time. All businesses need knowledge of cyber threats, along with any vulnerabilities and breach points which exist within the company.  
It is also important to have plans and policies in place to deal with cyber-attacks. After an attack, one must also have a recovery plan to get back on track.

Cyber attack response

EMP Secure’s employees have a diverse skillset, with experience in the Police, the National Criminal Investigaion Service (Kripos),and the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST). We have knowledge and competence from investigating and prosecuting cases in the justice system.

Investigation and legal follow-up

We are serious about cyber security. Due to the increase in cybercrime incidents we have designed a full program to secure continuous growth for companies. The program will present some of the most important components for dealing with cyber crime today.

Safety first components