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Digital transformation opens up tremendous opportunities. And while you shouldn’t be afraid to pursue those opportunities, you must be aware of the threats involved. Cybercrime is borderless, near constant and growing. The security measures we are used to are not going to be enough anymore. Data defense is now a company-wide responsibility, and the best way to grow safely is to prepare for the worst case scenarios. Let professionals handle your data defense.
Think Safety First! Let EMP Secure help you prepare your organisation.
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Security Services

Security Operations Center
EMP Secure operates a dedicated 24/7/365 Security Operation Center. This is the “heart” of our detection and response service, keeping an eye on our customers across several countries to keep them safe at all times. We monitor cloud solutions, customer locations, endpoints and servers in various locations, including our own Tier IV Design and EMP shielded datacenter in Norway.
Penetration testing
We offer a wide spectrum of security testing services, ranging from vulnerability scanning of assets, to more advanced ethical hacking services. Our offer includes internal/external network scanning, web-app testing, Wi-Fi assessment and phishing tests.
At the core of every professional Security Operations Center lies the SIEM analytic system. SIEM enables monitoring and analysis of what is really going on in your network and systems. Our customers use the SIEM for several purposes, ranging from error monitoring, application development, website traffic to security alerting.
Awareness Training
An educated workforce leads to more secure system. We offer on-site lectures combined with a digital training program. We recommend various tests to increase awareness of your organization.
EMP Tier IV Design Data Center
Our EMP protected data center ensures that your infrastructure is isolated from others to meet requirements custom to your business. Located underground and next to a fjord in the heart of Norway, it is naturally cooled and protected. The facility is safe from EMP attacks, and our highly skilled personnel ensure your data is secure.
Incident Response
Our security experts are available 24/7/365. We have a wide area of expertise in Incident Response Handling, including computer forensics, digital investigation and insider threats. We also have experienced investigators able to assist in court cases if necessary.
Intrusion Detection
EMP Secure provides a complete intrusion detection solution, securing our customers digital systems. We combine network analysis with log and endpoint detection solutions to ensure our customers stay safe and protected. When anomalies are detected, we respond effectively to mitigate the threat.
Cybersecurity Advisory
EMP Secure can support you in all areas of cybersecurity. We have experienced personnel ready to help you find your weak spots and implement necessary security solutions.We are ISO27001 certified and our advisors can help you get compliant or certified.

We also offer CISO As A Service/Virtual CISO service for companies wanting a named Cyber Security Expert available without the cost of internal employment.
Backup & Disaster Recovery
EMP Secure provides backup and disaster recovery services to ensure that your organization maintains services or quickly resumes mission-critical functions following a disaster.
We are serious about cyber security. Due to the increase in cybercrime incidents we have designed a full program to secure continuous growth for companies. The program will present some of the most important components for dealing with cyber crime today.

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