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Our support is delivered to thousands of users all year round. We are the face of the company and are here to support you, when you need it.
We have implemented our contingency plan which reduces the negative consequences for our employees, as well as the risk of operational disruptions and other conditions that may affect our customers.

As part of this, we have also introduced restrictions on access to our locations and data centers.

We are taking care of operations in the usual way, and will deliver our services as normal. You can expect help and assistance as before - whether you are in a physical or digital office. The capacity requirement is monitored and adjusted as needed.

Information Security
EMP Secure encourages our users to be extra cautious in relation to increased cyber threat. Please read this.

Dear customer,

In EMP Secure, we are closely monitoring the development of the corona virus (Covid-19).

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Possible causes:

User tips

Now that many of us are working from home, you may have a slower network experience than if you had been in the office.
Poor wireless network coverage (WiFi) at home
Lower bandwidth at home
Streaming video of multiple people in the household can cause slow bandwidth/WiFi
Higher national demand for information sharing and/or streaming
Use network cable if possible
Use 4G via shared WiFi from your mobile phone
Consider working with Citrix if your company has this service (lower bandwidth requirements)
Login through to reach email, teams and other services
Use teams client on your mobile phone if you do not have suitable headset or other audio equipment available
In addition, Microsoft has also come up with some good tips for staying productive when working from home office, which you can find here:
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Recommended measures:
Microsoft/Office 365: